School Holiday Workshops

The extra boost your child needs.

Most school holidays we offer school holiday workshops. The workshops are tailored to suit the needs of the individuals attending the course. They really are a fantastic way to give your child's education a boost.  They are suited to both children needing to revise the basics and are trying to catch up, thorugh to those who are doing well but would like a challenge and to go a bit further.  The workshops provide a wonderful opportunity for children to refresh their skills in a fun environment before they return to school.

Preparing for NAPLAN


NAPLAN is a very controversial topic amongst parents and teachers. Every Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 student will sit the exams. The results are very useful for teachers and parents to get an idea of how a student is performing and how they measure up against their peers within their own school and at a wider level also.


In reality, NAPLAN results are used in ways other than how they were intended to be used. High schools often request past NAPLAN results from Year 3 and 5 to use as part of their selection criteria. Additionally, as much as we try to let the children know it is not a big deal, they all tend to feel that it is. Perhaps it is due to the formality of it all or perhaps it is due to the things they hear adults discussing. One thing is for sure, children are aware of how they feel when they sit the exams and those whose parents share their results with them, are also aware of their achievements. 


It is for this reason that we offer assistance in preparing for NAPLAN. We do this in two ways: some children come week to week and do a little bit of prearation that way, others prefer to attend NAPLAN workshops in the holidays. It is a personal preference as to what is going to suit each student and their family most.


We are currently taking expressions of interest in NAPLAN preparation workshops. If your child would like to develop some familiarity with the exams or build on their Mathematics or Writing skills, this would be a fantastic opportunity. Learning takes place in a small group setting, focused on building confidence and skills. Of course these skills are also part of the syllabus and will be very useful to build on for each individual's own academic achievement. 





Didn't find what you were looking for? We plan the workshop topics around our students, so if you would like to see a particular topic in the future, please let us know!

Holiday Workshop Dates


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