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Primary Tuition
All subjects
Kindergarten to Year Six

All children have the ability to be stars! Students work with a qualified and experienced teacher to develop the skills they are lacking and improve on skills they already have.  Going back to basics to ensure children have a thorough understanding of each concept in all subjects, is essential. Gold Star Tutoring knows that knowledge alone is not enough.  Gold Star Tutoring, above all, focuses on building and nurturing your child's confidence to achieve results.  You will see your child's confidence improve not only in the classroom, but through all aspects of their life, allowing your child to be the best they can be!

Gold Star Tutoring can help your primary school child in any are of the NSW curriculum including; mathematics, times tables, reading, comprehension, spelling, handwriting, phonics, grammar, homework help, assignment help and more.

Gold Star Tutoring works with primary school children who are struggling in the classroom and need assistance mastering the basics, through to gifted students looking for extension work.

Gold Star Tutoring does not use set workbooks or worksheets, like other tutoring institutes. Set programs are not used to teach your child either, as this is merely re-creating the classroom environment and will not produce results.  Gold Star Tutoring, works together with parents to decide on what will work best with each child.  Each child works on their own individualised program, as set by their tutor, specifically targeting individual weaknesses.

Give your child the opportunity to be the best they can be!

High School Tuition
Maths and English
Year Seven to Year Ten

Children often find that the high school Mathematics and English curriculum move very quicky and some struggle to keep up.  The further behind students fall, the lower their confidence gets. Gold Star Tutoring aims to go back to the fundamentals in Mathematics and English and start afresh.  We will work at a pace that is better suited to the individual student. Briefly touching on topics that they understand, while spending as long as it takes on the more difficult areas, ensuring nothing is missed.  Gold Star Tutoring focuses on building and nurturing children's confidence to achieve results.



NAPLAN, Selective School Test and other
Exam Preparation

There are many different exams that children will need to prepare for from rather early on in their schooling career. Often, the children put a lot of pressure on themselves to succeed. Gold Star Tutoring is able to work with children in the lead up to exams such as NAPLAN, Selective Schools Test, half yearly exams and yearly exams. We can make the process a lot less stressful, for students and parents, by clearly explaining exactly what is involved, what they will be required to do, as well as teaching them the skills they will need to do well in their exams.

     Just wanted to take this opportunity of thanking you for taking Daniel for the school holiday Times Tables Workshop. I think it was very beneficial for him, like you said it would be. We sat down last night to do his 7x tables sheet and he breezed through it compared to normal. For the first time he completed it correctly - I think the workshop has given him some confidence.


- Michelle (Sylvania)


     In general, the boys have found extra lessons invaluable ..... Nathan has really improved (even though he still 'hates' school). He is a lot more confident now and homework is no longer the chore it used to be. His reading has improved.... I must say, whatever magic you weave whilst they are in their lesson with you, they always come out excited and busting to tell me things. I never thought that extra tutoring (particularly for boys) could be this enjoyable!

Thank you for your wonderful patience and assistance.


- Sid & Marie (Penshurst)




      The improvement that Nicole has shown is more than we could have expected. She really does just 'get' it now.


- Helen (Sylvania)


    Thank you for the patience you have when working with Emily. Her learning difficulties make it a challenge for her to learn much in the busy classroom environment, but you are able to take the time with her and give her the help she needs. I can see how much happier she is already. Also, thank you so much for taking care of her homework on those busy weeks when it all gets a bit too much for us to get done at home. Your flexiblity is really appreciated!


- Donna (Sylvania)