Our business has grown by the word of mouth referrals that our families have passed on. It is the most common way that people hear about us. To thank our wonderful families for passing on their success stories at Gold Star Tutoring, we offer a 10% discount off their next term's fees. Please make sure that you let us know if this applies to you!

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Do you offer incentives for referrals?

All of our tutors are qualified and experienced teachers. The work we do with the children is all working towards NSW Board of Studies Syllabus Outcomes. We are able to assess your child and provide work that addresses their weaknesses.  Alternatively, you may already know their weaknesses and have a list of things for us to focus on. Sometimes your child's class teacher may be able to offer some suggestions too. Tutoring works well when we are all working together.

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Who will be teaching my child?

At Gold Star Tutoring, we are shocked to hear some of the stories our parents have come to us with regarding the fees other tutoring institutes set. We want to be fair and offer a service that most people will be able to access. Therefore, we do not charge administration fees, joining fees or any other fees that basically add up to you giving us money for nothing. All you will pay is for the hours of tuition your child receives. Our rates are $40 per hour for primary school tuition and $50 an hour for high school tuition. We also offer generous discounts for early payment.

Fees are paid prior to the start of each term either in one lump sum or broken up into 2 instalments.

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What fees are involved?
How is the tutoring conducted?

Tuition is conducted in a small group setting. Groups are generally limited to a maximum of 2 or 3 students. It is through learning in this environment that your child will produce the best results.  The group is small enough to give your child the attention they need, yet encourages your child to develop independence as a learner. This is a vital skill that cannot be acquired in a one on one setting.

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We all know that unexpected things can pop up, particularly when we have children. If you know your child will be absent as they have something on one week, that is fine. There are two options; you could have a catch up session, or you could pay the $10 position holding fee and the balance will be rolled over and taken off your next term's fees (or refunded). You are able to do this up to 3 times within the term. Likewise if your child is sick. You are entitled to 3 catch up sessions. Catch up sessions must be taken within the term that the sessions have been missed. This does not apply to 'no shows'.

What happens if my child misses a session?

Yes, we certainly can! Sometimes it can be a struggle getting the homework done each week. As our programs are so fleixble, we are able to work together with you to create a program that is perfectly individualised for your child. If you need us to stop what we are doing and take care of homework one week, that is fine. If you want to send your child to us each week for help with homework, then that is fine too!

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Can you help with homework?


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